Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Ringing in the Bells

This Tut was written by me on the 24th December 2014

Supplies Needed

Font - Betty Script

Mask of choice

Scrapkit- New Year  by Hania's Design

Tube by Trinita

Drop shadow 1,1,60,10

After resizing > adjust sharpness > sharpen.

Open blank image 650 x 650.

Select all, paste paper 2 into selection, select none.

Apply mask, merge group.

Add element 85.

 New raster layer, select all, paste element 10 into selection, select none,add drop shadow.

Add element 29, resize 40%, add drop shadow.

Add element 70, resize 40%, add drop shadow.

Add element 52, resize 60%, add drop shadow.

Add element 92, resize 60%, add drop shadow .

Add element 9, resize 45%, add drop shadow.

Add element 6,  resize 70%, add drop shadow.

Add cluster, resize 65% , add drop shadow.

Using selection tool, draw around the frame, new raster layer, paste paper 10 into selection, arrange move down.

Keep selected, paste tube as a new layer, duplicate, select original tube layer, select invert, delete, select none.

Select copy of tube layer, arrange , move up, using eraser, remove any tube on bottom and side of the frame.

Resize, add name and copyright.