Monday, 29 April 2013

Steampunk N Roses - PTU

This Tut was written by me on the 29Th April 2013

Supplies Needed

Font of choice

Mask 254 by  Wee Scots Lass

Scrapkit- Steampunk N Roses by Naughty's Angelz Creationz  

You can find it at Sweet Pinup Shop

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Zlata_M

You must have a proper licence to use this work.

You can get it at Pics For Design

Drop shadow 1,1,65,5

After resizing > adjust sharpness > sharpen.

Open blank image 700 x700

New raster layer, select all, copy and paste paper 3 into selection, select none, apply mask, merge group.

Add frame 3, using freehand selection, draw around the frame, paste paper 1 as a new layer, select invert, delete, arrange, move down.

Keep selected, add tube of choice, duplicate, delete. Select original layer, arrange move down.

Select copy of tube, and using eraser, erase any of the tube overhanging the bottom of the frame.

Use the following elements and place to your liking.

element 50, resize 50%, add drop shadow.

 element 8, add drop shadow.

element 36, resize 70%,  image flip, image mirror, add drop shadow.

element 49,  add drop shadow.

element 12, resize 60%, add drop shadow.

element 28, resize 50%, add drop shadow.

element 9, resize 70%, add drop shadow.

element 14, resize 70%, add drop shadow. 

element 46, resize 70%, add drop shadow.

element 25, resize 50%,add drop shadow.

element 47, resize 50%, add drop shadow.

Resize to your liking, add copyright and name, save as a png.

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