Saturday, 5 April 2014

Enchanted Moonlight

This Tut was written by me on the 5th April 2014

Supplies Needed

Font of choice

Scrapkit- By the Moonlight by Digicats

Tube by Brooke Gillette

 Available at Artistic Dreams Imaging

Open blank image 650 x 250

New raster layer, select all, paste paper 11 into selection, select none.

Add element magic trail, resize 80%.

Add element swirly, resize 40%, add drop shadow. 

Add element dandelion, resize 60% , duplicate, add drop shadow.

Add element aurura, resize 40%.

Add tube, resize duplicate, image mirror,  add drop shadow.

On duplicate apply blend mode luminance legacy.

New layer, floodfill with colour of choice, select all modify, contract by 5, delete.

Select, invert, add drop shadow.

Add name and copyright

Save as png.

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