Thursday, 12 June 2014

American Firecracker

This Tut was written by me on the 12th June 2014

Supplies Needed

Font used - Shrewsbury

Mask - Wee Scots Lass 247

Animation 473 by Simone

Animation Shop

Scrapkit- IB Ted Hammond 31-3 by Foxy's Designz

Tube by Ted Hammond

Both available at CDO

Drop shadow 1,1,60,5

After resizing > adjust sharpness > sharpen.

Open blank image 650 x 650

New raster layer, select all, paste paper 6 into selection, select none.

Apply mask, merge group.

Add element 10, resize 60%, duplicate, add drop shadow.

Add tube, resize, add drop shadow.

Add element 11, resize 60% , duplicate,  add drop shadow.

Add element 12, resize 60%,  add drop shadow.

Add element 5, resize 60%,  add drop shadow.

Add element 2, resize 60%, add drop shadow.

Add element 3, resize 40%, add drop shadow.

Add element 13,  add drop shadow.

Add element 17, resize 50%, add drop shadow.

Add word art 1, resize 60%, add small gradient glow.

Add element 9, resize 40%, add drop shadow.

Add name and copyright


Open Animation Shop

Copy masked layer, paste as a new animation, duplicate until you have 16 frames, select all.

Open animation 473, select all, copy.

Drag 1st frame of animation onto 1st frame of tag, release when you are happy with the position.

Repeat as above, select all.

Back to PSP, close masked layer, copy merged, paste as a new animation.

Select all, copy, drag 1st frame of tag onto 1st frame of animation, release.

Save as gif

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