Monday, 14 July 2014

Welcome to the Dark Side

This Tut was written by me on the 14th July 2014

Supplies Needed

Font used - Addams

Mask 168 by Babs

Scrapkit- Manto by Tasha's Playground

Tube by Red Sangre

Animation large cigar smoke by Simone

Animation Shop

Drop shadow 1,1,60,6

After resizing > adjust sharpness > sharpen.

Open blank image 650 x 650

New raster layer, select all, paste paper 7 into selection, select none.

Apply mask, duplicate, merge group.

Add element frame 1, resize 80%, add drop shadow.

Using magic wand, select inside frame, select, modify, expand by 3, paste paper 6 as a new layer, select , invert, delete, arrange, move down.

Keep selected, add tube, position, duplicate, select original layer, delete, select none.

Move copy of tube above the frame, using eraser, rub out the bottom of the tube that overlaps the frame.

Add element ribbon , resize 80%,  add drop shadow.

Add element candle lights, resize 60%, add drop shadow.

Add element dagger, resize 40%, add drop shadow.

Add element staff, resize 80%, add drop shadow.

Add element bottle,  add drop shadow.

Add element cup,  resize 60%,  add drop shadow.

Add element gravestone, resize 50%, add drop shadow.

Add element cat, resize 50%, add drop shadow.

Add name and copyright


Open Animation Shop

Copy merged, paste as a new animation, duplicate until you have 20 frames.

Select all.

Open animation, select all, copy, drag 1st frame of animation onto 1st frame of , position, release.

Save as gif.

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