Saturday, 9 March 2013

Kiss Me - PTU

This Tut was written by me on the 19th Jan 2013

Supplies Needed

Font of choice
Mask of choice

Scrapkit- Gaga Irish by Sky Scraps
You can find it Here

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Keith Garvey.

You must have a proper licence to use his work.
You can get it Here

Drop shadow 2,2,65,5

Open blank image 700 x700, floodfill with #ffffff
New raster layer, copy and paste paper 5 as a new layer, apply mask, merge group.

Open element 20 paste as a new layer, resize by 80%

Using magic wand, click inside the frame> select modify expand by 6,paste paper 3 as a new layer>select>invert>delete>move below the frame.

Add tube of choice> duplicate>select original layer>delete>select none>go to copy of tube and erase any hanging over bottom of the frame.

Effects>Zero Porcelain using these settings 50,128,128,0,0,0

Select rainbow>paste above paper layer and resize.

Copy and paste the following elements, resize and add a drop shadow.

Resize to your liking, add copyright and name, save as a jpeg.

If animating:

Duplicate E32.Select duplicate layer, use the warp brush - size 60, pull the frog's lips down a little.

Go to the top layer , add new layer, floodfill with #416523
Select all, select, modify, contract by 5 - delete, select none.

Add a small inner bevel to the frame layer.

Open Animation Shop

Close the copy of the frog.

Copy merged, paste as a new animation, close original frog layer, open copy of frog layer, copy merged, paste after current frame.

Edit, select all , animation, frame properties - set frame to 18

Save as gif.

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