Saturday, 23 March 2013

Love Hurts -FTU

This Tut was written by me on the 23rd March 2013

Supplies Needed

Font of choice

Mask of choice

Scrapkit- Love Hurts by Jenny's Designz

You can find it Here

Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Gaetano Di Falco at CDO
You must have a proper licence to use this work.

You can get it Here

Drop shadow 1,1,65,5

Copy and paste paper 5 as a new layer, apply mask, merge group.

Add frame 1, resize 50%,using magic wand, click inside frame, select, modify,expand by 5
add paper 9 as a new layer, select, invert, delete, pull under frame layer.

Add tube of choice, duplicate,select original, delete, select none.

On duplicate layer, erase the part covering the bottom of the frame, add dropshadow to frame layer.

Add heart, resize 50%, add drop shadow.

Add boot 2,resize 80%,add drop shadow, duplicate.

Add cuffs 2,add drop shadow.

Add ribbon, resize 50%, add drop shadow.

Add lips, resize 80%,image rotate, free rotate left 30%, colourise to suit,add drop shadow.

Add ribbon 1, resize 12%, image mirror, add drop shadow

Add glitter, duplicate, image mirror, add drop shadow.

Add whip 2, resize 60%, add drop shadow.

Add clamps, resize 60%, add drop shadow.

Select a small part of the dagger and using the brush, colour it red.

Using the freehand tool, select the red part, and use Eye Candy Drip,small many little drips, drip length 215.06 ok.

Resize to your liking, add copyright and name.

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