Monday, 16 December 2013

Bull**** comes in lots of Flavours

This Tut was written by me on the 16th December 2013

Supplies Needed

Font of choice

Template, I used one by Sapphire, but it is no longer available, but is easy to create.

Scrapkit- Twerking by Scrapz N Pleasure

Tube by Danny Lee

Both available at Scraps N Company

Drop shadow 1,1,50,5

After resizing > adjust sharpness > sharpen.

Open new image 700 x 700.

 Using preset shape, draw out a large circle, background colour black, width 3.

Objects, align centre, convert to raster layer, adjust add noise, gaussian 70, add drop shadow.

Using magic wand, select inside circle, modify expand by 2, paste paper 6 as a new layer, select invert, delete, arrange move down.

Using selection draw a long rectangle, paste paper 4 into selection, select none, add drop shadow.

Add element 22,  resize 80%, rotate left,add drop shadow.

Arrange , move down.

Using preset shape, and colour white, draw out a small heart, duplicate x 4, merge these layers together.

Select all, float, defloat, new raster layer, paste paper 5 into selection, select none.

Duplicate , image mirror.

Repeat the above steps using words of your choice.

Draw a thin rectangle, and follow the above steps.

Using preset shape, draw out another rectangle, background black, width 3, adjust add noise, gaussian 70.

Using magic wand, select inside triangle, select modify, expand by 3, paste paper 1 as a new layer, select , invert, delete.

Arrange move down.

Keep selected, add close up of tube, delete, select none.

Using pen tool, colour white, line style dot, draw around the frame.

Add tube, resize, add drop shadow.

Add element 43, resize 35%, add drop shadow .

Add element 55, resize 40%, add small gradient glow.

Add element 9,  resize 30%, add drop shadow.

Add element 57, resize 35%, add drop shadow.

Add element 8, resize 30%, add drop shadow. 

Add word art of choice, add small gradient glow.

Resize, add name and copyright.

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